Undulatory algal fragment limestone in conglomerate and limestone unit

The marker pen rests on a thin undulating layer of algal-fragment micritic
limestone in maroon shale matrix of the conglomerate and limestone unit.
Another such layer lies to the upper left of the pen, and a rounded clast of
algal fragment limestone lies about 10 cm directly above the pen. The
undulating limestone layers must have been deposited in place, since they
would have broken up if transported. Presence of algae in these beds
indicates that at least part of the conglomerate and limestone unit was
deposited under marine conditions. Above the unit at the upper right is
clayey shell hash limestone (arrow). The rounded limestone clast at the
top of the conglomeratic zone projected upward on the depositional
surface so the shell hash layer thins over its top.

View slabbed section of undulating limestone

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