Slab of algal limestone from conglomerate and limestone unit

Slabbed algal limestone clast from the conglomerate unit. The algal
"dome" on the right seems to be in growth position. Portions of laminae
on both sides of it vary from horizontal to vertical, and in places overhang
the surrounding sediment of finely fragmented skeletal grains in micritic
matrix (see close-up). This rock was probably deposited in very shallow
water (perhaps few 10's of meters). Although a connection is obscure,
the crinkled algal structure above the dome, which also includes
overhanging portions, seems to be related to algal structure beneath.
The intervening zone between the dome and crinkled structure is
bioturbated. Three articulated, micrite-filled ostracode shells lie in the
upper right portion of the bioturbated zone.

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