Variety of lithologies in Mulberry Member

Mulberry Member exhibiting a variety of lithologies. A thin, light
yellow to grayish red layer rich in iron oxide marks the base of the
member, just above the whiskbroom handle. Above that is fossiliferous
shale containing scattered lenses and clasts of skeletal micritic limestone.
Dark-colored carbonaceous shale to impure coal arches over the
limestones. Two apparent clasts of limestone are directly above the
broom handle near the top of the unit (solid arrows). A small scour-like
lens at the base of the unit at the far left seems to cut through the iron
oxide layer (dashed arrow). A weathered-looking yellowish limestone
clast lies just below the carbonaceous zone at the far right (second
dashed arrow). Neutral gray shale directly above the carbonaceous
layer is probably Mulberry, but the greenish gray shale above that may
be the Lake Neosho.

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