Favosites sp.
colonial coral

Osagean Series
Fern Glen Formation
Jefferson County, Missouri

  Favosites sp.
Favosites sp.
Preparator: Carl Cook

Preparation time on this specimen was 6 hours. The specimen
was removed from the matrix and then prepared. The entire
specimen was prepared (not just one side).

Viewer Comments:

The book "Corals of the Chouteau Limestone..." show
Favosites divergens and Pleurodictyum expansum. I am not
convinced it is either, but would lean towards it being a
Favosites coral. The Fern Glen is younger than the
Chouteau, but I don't know if there are significant
evolution changes in the corals during that interval.
Alan Goldstein

Fern Glen Formation

Mississippian Fossils of Missouri