Pudoproetus sp.

Osagean Series
Fern Glen Formation
Jefferson County, Missouri

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Pudoproetus sp.

Pudoproetus sp.
Pudoproetus sp.

Order: Proetida
Superfamily: Proetoidea
Family: Proetidae
Species: Pudoproetus sp.

The hypostome on this specimen is remarkable

Your trilobite is a species of the genus Pudoproetus.
I don't recall the species. It is, of course, as you mention
a member of the family Proetidae. There is a Fern Glen
masters thesis, that was done at Rolla (UMR) I believe
either in the late 50's or early 1960's.
Dr. Bruce L. Stinchcomb

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Reference concerning Pudoproetus
Feist , Raimund & Petersen , Morris S.;1995: "Origin and
spread of Pudoproetus, a survivor of the Late Devonian
trilobite crisis" Journal of Paleontology 69 (1). p 99-109

It is probably Pudoproetus fernglenensis (Weller, 1909) which is
found in the Fern Glen Formation, St. Louis County, Missouri.
Hessler (1963) Lower Mississippian Trilobites of the
Family Proetidae in the United States,
Part I. Journal of Paleontology 37(3):543-563.

Collected and prepared by Carl Cook
Thanks to Dr. Bruce L. Stinchcomb for his identification

Fern Glen Formation

Mississippian Fossils of Missouri