Eodiaphyodus granulosus

Period: Cretaceous
Formation: Khourigba Phosphate
Khourigba, Morocco

Fish Crushing Plates
The Entire Palate

Eodiaphyodus granulosus
Eodiaphyodus granulosus
Eodiaphyodus granulosus

Viewer Comments:

     Arambourg shows this species as Maastrichtian in age.
The plate is described as a pharangyl plate. Probably
an upper, based on the shape.
      Carroll shows the genus as a member of the suborder
Albuloidea. Other members include Paralbula, Phyllodus,
Pseudoegertonia, Egertonia.
In English it would be related to the Tarpons and Bonefishes.
All possess pharangyl crushing plates.
Gene Hartstein

     Both the Eodiaphyodus granulosus and the Pycnodus pellei
are from the same location and horizon, which is an active
phosphate mine in Morocco.
Dr. John E. Mcardle

     Nice fish palate. I have seen these before from Morocco
and don't doubt the classification. I have similar fish palate's
from other localities from different ages.
Mark Palatas

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