Pycnodus pellei
splenial jaw section

Extinct Pycnodontid fish

Upper Cretraceous
Ouled Abdoun Basin

Pycnodus pellei Pycnodus pellei
Viewer Comments:

This fish went extinct in the Eocene Epoch and has
no recent relatives.
Mark Palatas

Both the Pycnodus pellei and the Eodiaphyodus granulosus
are from the same location and horizon, which is an active
phosphate mine in Morocco.
Dr. John E. Mcardle

      Arambourg does not list the age of Pycnodus pellei. It does
in fact show that you have a splenial jaw section. These all
come from the same phosphate mines which range form late
Cretaceous to Eocene. Unfortunately, the pycnodonts lived
in all ages covered by the Moroccan phosphates so we cannot
rule out any age from the Maastrichtian to the Yprisien.
       Pycnodonts are not totally uncommon in the Cretaceous of
the East Coast and Gulf Coast. The more widely distributed
genus is Anomoeodus.
Gene Hartstein

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