Theodossia hungerfordi

Lime Creek Formation
Cerro Gordo Member
Rockford, Iowa

Theodossia hungerfordi

Theodossia hungerfordi

  Theodossia hungerfordi

Spirorbis sp. worm tubes

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Colony of an auloporid coral and
Spirorbis sp. worm tubes

Viewer Comments: (small spiral gastropod-like fossils)

I am fairly certain they are Spirorbis sp. worm tubes.
See page 539 , National Audubon Society's Field Guide
to N. American Fossils. I am pleased to report that these
tiny, filter feeding tube worms are indeed alive and
well, as I have quite a number of them attached to the
glass and gastropod shells in my aquarium.

Phylum Annelida
Class Polychaeta
Order Sabellida
Family Serpulidae

Andrew Dunham


Invertebrate Fossils
Moore, Raymond C., Lalicker, Cedil G., & Fischer 1952
Pages 256-257 fig. 6a, 6b

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