Subject: Creeping Crinoids - page updated
Date: 6/22/2011


One of my favorite pages on the Paleolist album was one posted by John McLeod (October 2005) named Creeping Crinoids. A video of a stemmed crinoid that broke away from it's holdfast and crawled to escape predators.

At that time there was just a 10 second QuickTime video available and many had difficulty viewing the crinoid crawling along the sea floor (dragging it's stem) in attempt to escape predators.

Today while surfing I found a YouTube 1min 30sec video and removed the QuickTime video.

The main video doesn't have sound but there is a link to view a short video with sound.

After pressing the play button you can double click on the video to view in the full screen mode and pressing the Escape key will return to normal viewing.

Would be interested in reading some replies

Enjoy... Here is the URL

Barry Sutton

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Stalked crinoids crawl to escape predators