Mass death plate of Priscacara. These fish are sometimes found up to
16 inches long. Note the fine quality preparation with air abrasives has
really brought these out of their matrix. Even behind the glass plate
the quality can be seen.

This mass death plate is about 12 feet long. Knightia, Dyplomystus,
and Mioplosus fish are in this plate. This plate came from Ulrich's quarry.
I may add here that there are quarries that offer pay to dig for the
general public. Prices generally are around $75 per person for a few
hours and one will find plenty of fish. Rare species are kept by the
quarry operators but may be purchased from them. Jim and Duane Tynsky
both operate quarries and I recommend them but others also are very good
at offering quality experiences. No public land digging is allowed in
the area and is a felony if one is caught. Ranchers in the area do not
take kindly to trespassers and will call the county sheriff so the
quarry is the only way to go. Kemmerer has about 3,000 population and
has the basic needs, grocery store, motel, gas station, RV parking. It
was a coal mining town for most of it's history and today a massive
power plant is operated by Pittsburg-Midway Coal Company. One can see
the plant and strip mine from the highway. I would imagine that a
google search would produce quite a bit of information on the area.
Tynsky's number to call in the evenings (mountain standard time) is:

The Fossil Butte National Monument number is: 307-877-4455 and is open
through Labor Day late and 8-4:40 M through F the rest of the year, no
charge for admission. A quarry dig in the morning and an afternoon visit
to the monument would be a full day of fun and excitement.

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Fossil Fish Digging in Wyoming