The D-9 Bulldozer was in the Tynsky quarry last week and cleared off
the cap rock that has no fish in it. After that, a tractor with a bucket
comes in and clears the remaining debris. Here we are sweeping and
shoveling off the large plates that contain the fish. The quarry has
what is known as a "split fish" layer, and an "18 inch" layer. Here we
are on the 18 inch layer. It has larger fish, and has a mass mortality
layer of Priscacara sometimes. Most of the fish are Knightia and
Dyplomystus, and some Mioplosus. Above the split fish layer, two years
ago, Mr. Duane Tynsky found the only whole eohippus horse ever found intact.
Leaves, fish coprolites, gastropods, and other preserved sticks and
twigs are sometimes found.

More of the hand labor setting up to inspect the areas to dig. The
area exposed will last the diggers all summer, the season for digging is
only about 90 days long due to the incliment weather. Soon as the snow
leaves and the cold weather stops the quarry becomes an oven. Sun
glasses and sun screen are a must soon as the coats are shed.

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Fossil Fish Digging in Wyoming