Future paleontologist(?) finds a rare fossil

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These are photos of a cyclocystoid found by a participant in the
"Young Paleontologist Camp" today (7-12-06). I offer this program every
summer at the Falls of the Ohio State Park. Children from age 9 to 14
participate in a three day program to learn about paleontology and what
a paleontologist does. One of the kids found this nice cyclocystoid at an
outcrop in the Grant Lake formation (Upper Ordovician) near Taylorsville, KY.
This is a place I bring this camp (as well as educators) every year!

The kids asked if I ever confiscate a fossil on any outing, and I said I have only
done so once. (A fossil from this same outcrop that I have never been able to
identify, nor has anyone else I've shown it to. But that is another story...)
She was pleased to have me take this second fossil for our park collections
(although ultimately it could find its way to another museum repository where
it will be more useful).

Alan Goldstein

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