A couple of small blastoids and a brachiopod.
Blastoids found in place ... the brach was found nearby.

Carl and I often choose to hunt this locality after a rain. Muddy ... but very productive.

Every time Carl and I plan to hunt this locality we always have the same
conversation ..."This time let's NOT focus on collecting blastoids and see
what other kinds of fossils we can find."

Seldom works out that way ... It's impossible not to notice these
beautifully well preserved "little marbles".

Speaking of fossil hunting after it rains (for the obvious reasons)... Carl and I often
pack water in spay bottles to help us find fossils on a dry hot summer day. We call
this technique "Taking the rain with us." I know it sounds a little strange spraying water
on rocks and shale ... but it works. We don't care if we appear a little silly to others ...
we use every trick in the book to increase our productivity in the field.

The following link will take you to another page on our album which will demonstrate
another example of "taking the rain with us" on a fossil hunt.

Fossil hunt on the Meramec River

Carl and I always have a lot of fun when we go in the field.
We also enjoy sharing our experiences with others.

Barry Sutton & Carl Cook

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