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Don't let the beautiful flowstone fool you, 6' below this hole is a ledge
at the edge of a 100-foot deep precipice. I didn't climb in to take pictures
of the pit because there was a waterfall cascading the full length and filling
the air with moisture.

If you closely examine the small columns, you will see that the ledge has
dropped about 1.5 inches causing them to separate. The entire rock - over
12 feet long has separated columns. Adjacent flowstone is also cracked for
another 10'. I'll bet it made a lot of noise when it shifted!

Looking like a giant toothy mouth, this flowstone speleothem has
both stalactites and stalagmites.

Calcite crystals coat the rocks surrounded by flowstone.

Beautiful white-edged draperies - calcite without impurities is white.

A horn coral encrusted with gypsum crystals.

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