Trace Fossils

Many different trace fossils are known in the Kope Formation.
Here are a few examples.

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Arthropod tracks - probably the movement from the rear legs of a trilobite.

Chondrites - a common feeding pattern throughout geological history.
Tunnels in this pattern are made by the terrestial springtail insect today.

Locomotion - perhaps from a segmented annelid worm.

Vertical tunnels - vertical burrows into sediment, common at the
Carrollton outcrops.

Holes in a bryozoan Calleocallus vallata, thought to be a
brooding area for an organism.

Note the abundant star-shaped patterns of Calleocaulis vallata
in this branching bryozoan specimen.

Peronopora vera bryozoan, bored by Sanctum laurentiensis.

Kope Formation