The Kope Formation has many bryozoans. Accurate identification requires
thin-sectioning and a microscope. There are some books that show them
with the external features.

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Aspidopora newberryi is a common small disk-shaped bryozoan.
There are other species of Aspidipora, so it may not be newberryi.
This colony is about 4 mm wide.

Bryozoans commonly encrust other bryozoans.
This is a dramatic example.

Constellaria is easy to identify from its star-shaped monticules,
though is very rare in the Kope. This might be Constellaria florida.

I thought these were small crinoid columns laying up again a
bryozoan. However a closer examination reveals them to be
ring-shaped bryozoans, presumably the bases of new colonies.

Another encrusting bryozoan, probably a ctenostome type.

Parvohallopora onealli - a portion of a meter wide collapsed colony.

Kope Formation