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Deceptrix filistriata is a small clam common in some shell-beds in this area.
One shows the tooth rows on the inside, distinct for this genus. This clam
is about 1 cm wide.

Lyrodesma conradi has interesting teeth with denticles - a diagnostic feature
for the genus. These clams are about 1 cm wide.

Liospira micula is a flatten snail typically under 1 cm wide. The steinkern is a Liospira,
but the species is uncertain.

Lophospira is a common snail. The particular species
is not known yet. It might be biseriata.

Mollusk-rich lenses are found at one outcrop. This one is rich in Lophospira, but they
may also contain monoplacophorans, other snails, clams and orthocone cephalopods.

Most orthocone cephalopods are pretty eroded, but I found one with an
external pattern visible with a microscope. The mollusk bed contains small
orthocones that almost go to the very tip!

Cyrtolites carinatus (monoplacophoran)

Sinuites cancellatus (Hall)    

Kope Formation