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Informative pages on the Photo album (no pictures)

Fossil Collecting Axioms
November 2006 thread archive
One of the most enjoyable and longest running threads in recent memory

Platystrophia brachiopod species by formation

Indiana - Kentucky - Ohio
Excel spreadsheet - Index fossil species in bold text

Mississippian strata in Illinois
from Handbook of Illinois Stratigraphy

Warning for Indiana Roadcut Collectors (PDF file)
An article from the Bloomington Indiana newspaper focuses
on stopping to collect rocks on Indiana's state highways

Off-Site links listed on the Photo album (text) menu

Belosaepia - an Eocene sepioid cephalopod
One of the more unusual Eocene marine fossils is an
oddity with a tooth-like projection at the end.

EVACTINOPORA a star-shaped bryozoan
This link takes you to a website showcasing one of the most
unusual Mississippian fossils that occur in the midcontinent
region of North America.

(Fossils that really aren't!)
Alan Goldstein - Falls of Ohio State Park

MAPS fossil show "Hub" website
MAPS Fossil Expo - Jump Start fossil show
Current information about the next fossil show
Use this link to promote the Annual Fossil show

Summer fossil hunt (Russia)
Photojournal report on a fossil hunt in Russia

Temnocheilus sp.
Large Pennsylvanian nautiloid cephalopod

Russia-USA joint venture Paleontology project
Language separates us ... Pictures bring us together
Alexander Davydov (Moscow, Russia)
Barry Sutton (St. Louis, Missouri - USA)

Bison Jaw
Pleistocene - Oklahoma, USA
Cow or Bison? A topic of frequent discussions.
Other Fossils (USA and World Wide)

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