Lissochonetes geinitzianus (Waagen, 1884)

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Lissochonetes geinitzianus (Waagen, 1884)  Lissochonetes geinitzianus (Waagen, 1884)
Lissochonetes geinitzianus (Waagen, 1884)  Lissochonetes geinitzianus (Waagen, 1884)


This is a typical chonetid brachiopod, showing the characteristic spines attached
to the hingeline of the shell pointing at an angle of about 45 degrees from the
hinge axis. The spines are not complete, but are better preserved than most
chonetid fossils.

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This is a widely distributed species of the Late Pennsylvanian and
occurs both on the Moscow platform and in the American midcontinent
as well as occurring across Eurasia. This is a common chonetid
species at the Gzhel quarry (Afanasjeva, 1975). It ranges from
Kasimovian to Gzhelian in Russia and in the equivalent Missourian and
Virgilian of midcontinent North America. It was first described from
an occurrence in Nebraska and is well described in later reports by
Dunbar & Condra (1932) and Afanasjeva (1975).

The reddish coloration on the convex area of the valve is an area of
silicification that is enhanced by higher iron oxide content.

Tom Yancey

Afanasjeva, G.A., 1975, Middle and Late Carboniferous Chonetacea
(Brachiopoda) of the Russian platform; Paleontological Journal, v. 9,
no. 2, p.221-236.[Paleontological Journal is published in Russian and
is the Russian equivalent of the Journal of Paleontology.]

Dunbar, C.O. and Condra, G.E., 1932, Brachiopoda of the Pennsylvanian
System in Nebraska; Nebraska Geological Survey, Bull. 5, p. 170-175.

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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