Leptalosia gracilis Ivanov & Ivanova, 1936

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Leptalosia gracilis Ivanov & Ivanova, 1936


Small encrusting brachiopod attached to the surface of
Rhynchopora variabilis. Note that both the shell and its spines
grow along (encrust) the surface of the larger brachiopod.

Viewer Comments:

These are well preserved specimens, especially the larger specimen
of Leptalosia that is preserved with both valves. Note the relatively
large diameter of the radiating spines of Leptalosia and how the
radial folds of the underlying Rhynchopora shell can be seen through
the single valve of the smaller specimen.

This distinctive genus was named by Dunbar & Condra (1932),
who provide a detailed description of the genus.

Tom Yancey

Ivanov & Ivanova, 1936, Brachiopoda of the middle and upper
Carboniferous of the Moscow Basin. Part 1, fascicle 2, printed by
the All Union Scientific Research Institute, Economic Ministry of
Moscow, Transactions Fascicle 108, 52 pages, 20 plates and 37 figures.

Dunbar, C.O. & Condra, G.E., 1932, Brachiopoda of the Pennsylvanian
System in Nebraska; Nebraska Geological Survey, Bulletin 5, 377 p., 44 pl.

Phylum Brachiopoda

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