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This small fossil has a nice covering of long spines that grow
in a curve away from the shell.

Viewer Comments:

This may be a strophalosioid, but it is quite small (1-2 cm) and may be a
juvenile shell of some other productoid group. More specimens are needed
to determine an identification.

The hinge is located along the upper right margin of the shell and there is
a short line running perpendicular to the hinge that appears to be the median
septum of the brachial (dorsal) valve. The spines are growing out from the
pedicle (ventral) valve, so in this case the brachial valve is pressed against
the pedicle valve and some of the structure of the underlying valve can be
seen through the pedicle valve.

Tom Yancey

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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