Buxtonioides gjeliensis (Ivanov, 1935)

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Buxtonioides gjeliensis (Ivanov, 1935) 1 Buxtonioides gjeliensis (Ivanov, 1935) 2

Buxtonioides gjeliensis (Ivanov, 1935) 3 Buxtonioides gjeliensis (Ivanov, 1935) 4
Buxtonioides gjeliensis (Ivanov, 1935)


A medium sized productid with strong shell curvature and
cross-hatched pattern of concentric and radial ribbing. This gives a
beaded appearance to the ribs and spines grew from the tops of the
beads over much of the ventral valve (Ivanov, 1935).

Viewer comments:

This brachiopod has a cross-hatched pattern of ornamentation on
the early-formed part of the shell, produced by close-spaced small
concentric ribs crossing narrow radial ribs, a pattern that is common
in dictyoclostid brachiopods. Swollen spine bases on the tops of ribs
increase the irregularily of the surface. This genus is part of the
family Productidae, a family of brachiopods with spines limited
(mostly) to the ventral valve.

Tom Yancey

Ivanov, A.P., 1935, Brachiopoda of the Middle and Upper Carboniferous
of the Moscow Basin, Part 1. Productidae Gray; Transactions of the
Moscow Geological Trust, Fascicle 8, p. 104, pl. 1 & 4

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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