Calliprotonia sterlitamakensis (Stepanov, 1937)

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Calliprotonia sterlitamakensis (Stepanov, 1937)  Calliprotonia sterlitamakensis (Stepanov, 1937)

 Calliprotonia sterlitamakensis (Stepanov, 1937) Calliprotonia sterlitamakensis (Stepanov, 1937)


This small-medium sized brachiopod has strong concentric bands
covered with rows of larger and smaller spines that grow out at a
low angle and remain close to the surface of the valve. Even when
the spines are broken off, the pattern of rows of spine bases is
distinctive for these brachiopods. This type of concentric banding
is distinctive for echinoconchid brachiopods.

Viewer Comments:

This species is illustrated by Lazarev (1985) as a typical
calliprotoniid brachiopod, distinguished from other echinoconchid
brachiopods by the pattern of concentric spines present on each band.
There is very narrow band on the posterior edge of the band lacking
spines, a wide zone of coarser spines covering most of the band and a
narrow zone on the anterior (outer) edge of the band with much
smaller spines. See illustration in Lazarev (1985).

The type species for Calliprotonia is a species from the latest
Pennsylvanian in Texas and it looks very similar to this Moscow Basin

Tom Yancey

Lazarev, S.S., 1985, Brachiopods of the families Echinoconchidae and
Buxtoniidae; Paleontological Journal, v. 1985, v. 1, p. 62-72

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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