Neochonetes dalmanoides (Nikitin, 1890)

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Neochonetes dalmanoides (Nikitin, 1890) Neochonetes dalmanoides (Nikitin, 1890) Neochonetes dalmanoides (Nikitin, 1890)


A chonetid brachiopod with many small ribs and a relatively flat
shell. It is similar to Chonetinella in shell outline and in having
numerous small ribs, but differs in having much less inflation
of the beaks.

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The type locality for this chonetid is Gzhel quarry (Afanasjeva,
1975), which is the only locality reported for the species.
Therefore, it is reported to be only Gzhelian in age.

Tom Yancey

Afanasjeva, G.A., 1975, Middle and Late Carboniferous Chonetacea
(Brachiopoda) of the Russian platform; Paleontological Journal, v. 9,
no. 2, p.221-236.[Paleontological Journal is published in Russian and
is the Russian equivalent of the Journal of Paleontology.]

Nikitin, S.N., 1890, Depot carbonifere et puits artesian dans le
region de Moscou; Memoires Comite de Geologie, tome 5, no. 5.
( Kamennougolnie otlogenia Podmoskovnogo kraya i artesianskie vody
pod Moskvoy; Geol. Komite, Trudy, v. 5, no. 5, 182p. )

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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