Dielasma moelleri Tschernyshev

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Dielasma moelleri Tschernyshev  Dielasma moelleri Tschernyshev

Dielasma moelleri Tschernyshev  Dielasma moelleri Tschernyshev

Dielasma moelleri Tschernyshev


This small terebratulid brachiopod is elongate and has a large
pedicle opening on the beak and thick shell around the pedicle
opening. The fold and sulcus produce a notch-like indentation
on the edge of this species. The thick, strongly curved beak is
typical for the genus. The large pedicle opening in the beak
indicates that this brachiopod had a large and strong pedicle
that it used to attach to other objects, an indication that the
brachiopod lived above the seafloor attached to other organisms.
This specimen is thick shelled (for the species) and probably
an old adult. The shell is silicified and has been acid-etched
from the sediment matrix.

This species of Dielasma has a notched anterior margin and the
widest portion is nearly central on the shell. This form is more
similar to Permian species of Dielasma than the Carboniferous
species. This is one of several species in the Gzhel collection
that show similarity to Permian biotas.

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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