Tabulipora maculosa Nikiforova, 1938

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Tabulipora maculosa Nikiforova, 1938


This fossil is partly eroded and shows the radiating growth pattern
of the tubes forming the skeleon.

Viewer Comments:

The conspicuous semi-circular lines within the branch are growth
increments that suggest an annual growth pattern. The curved lines
mark times of slower growth that creates denser skeleton.

Just below the bryozoan branch are three small brachiopods
(Hustedia remota, an unidentified smooth-shelled brach and
Lissochonetes geinitzianus), a stout spine of the echinoid
Archaeocidaris sp. and some some large fusulinid forams
(partly overlying the Lissochonetes).

Tom Yancey

Phylum Ectoprocta (bryozoans)
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