Linoproductus coralineatus Ivanov, 1935

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Linoproductus coralineatus Ivanov, 1935  Linoproductus coralineatus Ivanov, 1935

Linoproductus coralineatus Ivanov, 1935  Linoproductus coralineatus Ivanov, 1935


This is a common and widely distributed species in the late
Carboniferous and early Permian of European Russia.

Viewer comments:

The small ribs, small number of narrow spines and combination of
strongly curved juvenile shell and little curved adult shell are
typical of this genus. The blister-like swelling shown in the closeup
view of the shell is a spine base and only a few other spine bases
can be seen on the shell.

Tom Yancey

Ivanov, A.P., 1935, Brachiopoda of the Middle and Upper Carboniferous
of the Moscow Basin, Part 1. Productidae Gray; Transactions of the
Moscow Geological Trust, Fascicle 8, p. 105-106, pl. 7

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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