Hustedia pseudocardium Nikitin

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Hustedia pseudocardium Nikitin  Hustedia pseudocardium Nikitin
Hustedia pseudocardium Nikitin  Hustedia pseudocardium Nikitin


A small species of Hustedia with many small rib-like plications of the shell.

Viewer comments:

This species of Hustedia is very similar to the common North American
Pennsylvanian species Hustedia mormoni (Marcou), which has 15-16
rib-like plications of the shell. Hustedia mormoni (Marcou) is described
in Dunbar & Condra (1932).

Tom Yancey

Dunbar, C.O. and Condra, G.E., 1932, Brachiopoda of the Pennsylvanian
System in Nebraska; Nebraska Geological Survey, Bull. 5, p. 356-358,
pl. 42, figs. 9-11.

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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