Hustedia remota (Eichwald, 1860)

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Hustedia remota (Eichwald, 1860)  Hustedia remota (Eichwald, 1860)


A small species of Hustedia with few small rib-like plications of the shell.

Eichwald, E, 1860, Lethaea rossica on Paleontologie de la Russie,
vol.1. - Ancienne Periode; Stuttgart, p.768, pl. 25, fig. 10.

Tschernishov, F.N., 1902, Brachiopods of the Upper Carboniferous
of the Urals and Timan; Geol. Komite, Trudy, v. 16, no. 2, p. 107,
pl. 47, fig. 8-11.
("Verhnekamennougolnie brachiopody Urala i Timana")

Mironova M.G., 1967, Brachiopods of Upper Carboniferous of
Bashkiria, LGU, p. 51, pl. 5, fig. 12.
("Pozdnekamennougolnie brachiopody Bashkirii")

Ustritsky, V.I. and Tscherniak, G.E., 1963, Biostratigraphy and
Brachiopods of the Upper Palaeozoic of the Taymir, NIIGA, Trudy, vol.
134, p. 121, pl. 46, fig. 3-4.
("Biostratigrafia i brachiopody verchnego Paleozoya Taymira)

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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