Calliprotonia sterlitamakensis (Stepanov, 1937)

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Calliprotonia sterlitamakensis (Stepanov, 1937)


This brachiopod has strong (partly lamellose) concentric bands
covered with rows of larger and smaller spines that grow out at a low
angle to the valve or are recumbant (they lie on the surface of the
valve). Spines growing at a low angle to the shell can be seen in the
matrix on the sides of the valve. Within each band, the spines are
smaller in the direction of growth. This type of concentric banding with
rows of spines of different size is distinctive for echinoconchid brachiopods.

Viewer Comments:

This specimen retains many of the small spines of the shell and shows
the pattern of spine growth beautifully. It also displays a more lamellose
(layered) condition of the concentric growth bands. The shell shown
here has been partly flattened by compaction in the sediment, as seen
by the fractures in the beak area of the valve. This distortion and
difference in spine preservation makes it appear to have a different
shape than the other illustrated specimen of this species, but they are
the same. This species is illustrated by Lazarev (1985).

Tom Yancey

Lazarev, S.S., 1985, Brachiopods of the families Echinoconchidae and
Buxtoniidae; Paleontological Journal, v. 1985, v. 1, p. 62-72

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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