Omphalotrochus canaliculatus (gastropod) and
Parajuresania tastubensis (brachiopod) combination

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Omphalotrochus and Parajuresania Omphalotrochus and Parajuresania 


A combination showing a large Omphalotrochus canaliculatus gastropod
and a nice Parajuresania tastubensis brachiopod. There are many long
spines preserved on the growing edge of the ventral valve of
Parajuresania, showing the typical long spines of productid
brachiopods. The dense growth of spines provides stability for the
shell as it rests on seafloor mud. The valve shown here is the lower
valve (ventral) that lies convex surface-downward in the mud. Thus we
are seeing the underside of the shell in life position (the rock slab
is upside down). It is possible that the Omphalotrochus gastropod is
also in life position - laying on the seafloor with the apex down and
aperture open to the water, feeding as a suspension feeder.

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