Laioporella modesta Ivanova, 1975

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Laioporella modesta Ivanova  Laioporella modesta Ivanova

Laioporella modesta Ivanova     Laioporella modesta Ivanova

Laioporella modesta Ivanova

This pennospiriferinid brachiopod (a family related to the
punctospirifers and reticulariinids) has a median plication (fold and
sulcus) much larger than the lateral radial plications and has a very
high interarea on the ventral valve. The shell lacks spines or other
microornament and has a high density of punctae in the shell that do
not project above the shell surface. The punctation of the valves can
be seen best on the fold and sulcus of this specimen.

Laioporella is a moderately common brachiopod in Russian late
Carboniferous and Early Permian biotas.

The specimen shown here is a topotype specimen of the species,
obtained from the type locality at the Gzhel quarries (cited as
Glebovo village near Gzhel' Station: Ivanova, 1975).

Note the presence of encrusting corals and bryozoans on the valves,
that suggest the brach lived with its flat interarea resting on the
sediment surface.

Ivanova, Y.A., 1975, Some Carboniferous Spiriferinidina of the Moscow
basin; Paleontological Journal, v. 9, no. 2, p. 208-210, pl. 7, fig. 5-9.

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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