Admoskovia inflatiformis Ivanov, 1935

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Admoskovia inflatiformis  Admoskovia inflatiformis

Admoskovia inflatiformis  Admoskovia inflatiformis

Admoskovia inflatiformis   Admoskovia inflatiformis


This large deep-bodied productid (a member of the family Productidae)
has a regular reticulate ornament on the juvenile shell and small
regular ribbing on the adult trail of the valve, a wide hingeline and
a small beak that extends a small distance over the hingeline. The
ventral valve is covered with a low density of small spines. On the
specimen illustrated here, the characteristic large spines that grow
out from the ears are broken off.

Admoskovia (named by Lazarev, 2000) is a common middle to late
Pennsylvanian brachiopod of the Moscow basin. Although strata of the
Moscovian stage contain several species of this genus, the type
species is of Kasimovian age (Ivanov, 1935). The genus is similar to
the genus Reticulatia, differing from it in having the largest spines
on the hinge and ears rather than on the trail and in having less
less prominent reticulate ornament on the disc and a longer trail
than Reticulatia.

The dull red patch in the center of the ventral valve is a small
mass of iron oxide-stained silica that has replaced the shell and
destroyed the shell structure.

Ivanov, Ivanov, A.P., 1935, Brachiopoda of the Middle and Upper Carboniferous
of the Moscow Basin, Part 1. Productidae Gray; Transactions of the
Moscow Geological Trust, Fascicle 8, p. 110-111, pl. 7.

Lazarev, S.S., 2000, Brachiopods of the tribe Reticulatiini from the
Carboniferous of the Moscow Region: Part 2. On the systematic
position of Reticulatiini, with proposed sister-tribes and the
description of a new genus, Admoskovia; Paleontological Journal, v.
34, p. 495-503.

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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