Krotovia karpinskiana Janischewsky

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Krotovia karpinskiana Janischewsky  Krotovia karpinskiana Janischewsky

 Krotovia karpinskiana Janischewsky             Krotovia karpinskiana Janischewsky


Brachiopods identified as Krotovia have a moderate numbers of spines
with swollen bases on a small shell. The spines are arranged in semi-regular
pattern across the shell and occur in concentric rows. There is a shallow body
cavity and the shell has a ventral profile that is strongly curved on the juvenile
part of the shell. The shell has ovoid outline and a short hingline, with a
small, slightly projecting beak.

Small brachiopod shells with swollen spine bases like this one occur in many
late Carboniferous and early Permian Russian brachiopod assemblages and
are traditionally identified as Krotovia. The type species of Krotovia has spines
set in quinqunx arrangement. But the specimens shown here and most
species identified as Krotovia either lack a quinqunx spine arrangement or
have only a poorly developed version of it.

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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