Aulopora macrostoma (Fischer)
encrusting the large gastropod Omphalotrochus canaliculatus Trautschold

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Aulopora macrostoma (Fischer) Omphalotrochus canaliculatus Trautschold


A mature colony of the coral Aulopora macrostoma encrusting the top
of a large gastropod shell.

Viewer Comments:

The coral colony is limited to the top of this gastropod and does not
extend down the sides of the outer whorl, suggesting that the colory
grew over the shell after the snail had died and the shell was
resting partly buried in mud on the seafloor. It appears to be a
post-mortem assemblage. Also, notice that both the coral and the
gasropod shell contain white and gray spots, that are the surface
expression of beekite rings of silica that has replaced the original
calcite of the shell. The gastropod and coral skeletons appear to be
completely replaced by silica.

Tom Yancey

Phylum Cnidaria (corals)
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