Trace Fossils

Zoophycos sp.
Pennsylvanian (Kasimovian Stage)

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Zoophycos sp.1 Zoophycos sp. 2

Zoophycos sp. 3 Zoophycos sp. 4

Zoophycos is a trace fossil with curved lines that arc out from a
centerpoint and are the product of reworking of sediment along a
bedding plane. During the late Paleozoic trace-makers producing large
Zoophycos traces lived in shallow marine environments, making some
of the largest examples of this trace fossil. The first specimen
illustrated here show the small burrow occupied by the trace maker
that is perpendicular to the sediment surface and the large curved
lines of reworked sediment parallel to the sediment surface. The
vertical tubes can be seen in the centerpoints of the sediment block
with several Zoophycos specimens.

Tom Yancey

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Carboniferous fossils of Russia
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