Amphiscapha reedsi (Knight, 1934)

Amphiscapha reedsi (Knight, 1934)
Amphiscapha reedsi (Knight, 1934)

General abundance:  Common

Thanks to Dr. Yancey for the clarification.
Previously classified as Straparollus.

Viewer Comments:

You use the name Straparollus, but you should list it as
Straparollus (Amphiscapha) or merely as Amphiscapha.
I prefer to list it as Amphiscapha, at the full genus level.
The gastropods of this type are so distinct that they deserve
to be completely separated from Straparollus. It puzzles me
why Knight and Yochelson kept Amphiscapha as a subgenus of
Straparollus. The Carboniferous and Devonian species of this
group have not been revised recently, but need attention.

Dr. Tom Yancey

Phylum Mollusca
chitons cephalopods clams gastropods rostroconchs

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