Orthonema chorda

Orthonema chorda  Orthonema chorda
Orthonema chorda

General abundance:  Common

Viewer Comments:

The Orthonema chorda specimen is correctly identified.
It is a very nice specimen also. This locality has excellent
preservation. It appears to have the same preservation as
the Labette Shale, found in St. Louis too.
Dr. John R. Anderson


Journal of Paleontology September 1985
J.R. Anderson, R.D. Hoare and M.T. Sturgeon
The Pennsylvanian Gastropod Genera Orthonema
Meek and Worthen and Streptacis Meek
From the Appalachian Basin
v. 59 no. 5, p. 1019-1023 Plate on page 1022 figures 4-6

Phylum Mollusca
chitons cephalopods clams gastropods rostroconchs

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