Ethelocrinus sp.
Assorted Disarticulated Crinoid Plates

Ethelocrinus basel plate  Ethelocrinus sp.
basal plate

Ethelocrinus radial plate  Ethelocrinus sp.  Ethelocrinus sp.
radial plate

Ethelocrinus primibrachials  Ethelocrinus sp.  Ethelocrinus sp.

General abundance:  Common

The following picture and description was taken
from the Nebraska's Invertebrate Fossils web site.

Ethelocrinus magister (Miller & Gurley) 1890

The large crowns with complex, branching, pinnulated
arms and thick, ornamented plates suggests that
Ethelocrinus magister preferred fairly warm, fairly
shallow water environments in which food supplies of
organic matter suspended in water were abundant.

Phylum Echinodermata (crinoids)
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