Assortment of unbroken phosphatic nodules
(Phosphate nodules)

Phosphatic nodules

phosphatic nodules

General abundance:  Common

Shape gives me a mental image of what might be inside. So far I have found
the oblong nodules are likely to contain spines/fins. These nodules remind me
somewhat of the Mazon Creek nodules. After cracking them open ... Many
times there isn't anything inside or shapes I do not recognize. Some nodules
appear to contain Gastric residue spatter (indigestible and/or insoluble fragments
from a fish’s stomach) which is the subject of current research.

When wet the surface of these nodules becomes soft and oily-slick to the touch.
Once exposed to the elements, these nodules weather quickly. It is not uncommon
to observe the inarticulate brachiopod Orbiculoidea missouriensis and the
sp. (dermal denticle) protruding from these nodules.

Some nodules have the appearance of coprolites. Hundreds of nodules have been
collected and it is obvious that some must be coprolites. However, adding coprolites
to the fossil menu will have to wait for positive identification. This is another subject
of on-going research.

Phylum Chordata (shark & bony fish)
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