Stigmaria sp.
Lycopod Root Fragment

Stigmaria sp.  Stigmaria sp.

Stigmaria sp.  Stigmaria sp.
Stigmaria sp.

General abundance:  Rare
wood fragments without such markings are Common

Viewer Comments:

      The majority of stigmariae belongs to the artificial species
Stigmaria ficoides, however an examination of the internal
system is necessary for the species classification. The
stigmarae are the subaerial system of rootlike ogans of the
Paleozoic lycopods such as Lepidodendron, Lepidophloios
and Sigillaria. Those connected with different plants show few
distinguishing characters that enable one to separate them.
The small circular pitlike depressions mark the places of
attachment of lateral appendages of "rootlets".
      This fossil appears to be a sand cast.

Michael Orock


A Field Guide to Fossils of Texas
second edition
page 27 photo 4

An Introduction To Paleobotany
Chester A. Arnold - 1947

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