Orbiculoidea missouriensis (Shumard, 1858)

Brachial Valve
Orbiculoidea missouriensis

Orbiculoidea missouriensis
The small circles represent predatory or parasitic borings.

Pedicle Valve
Orbiculoidea missouriensis

Orbiculoidea missouriensis (Shumard, 1858)
Orbiculoidea missouriensis (Shumard, 1858)

General abundance:  Common

Orbiculoidea missouriensis (Shumard) is a phosphatic-shelled,
inarticulate brachiopod. Inarticulate brachiopods open their valves
with muscular and ligamentous connections.

Viewer Comments:

Nice Orbiculoidea. I have collected a bunch of O. keokuk
from my crinoid locality. Complete / completely exposed
specimens are rare. My smallest is 1 cm, the largest is
about 6 cm in diameter. Most fall somewhere in between.
Alan Goldstein

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Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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