Figure 2

Missouri Fossils

Figure 2. Paleozoic invertebrate fossils from Missouri.

A: Starfish, Girardeau Limestone, Lower Silurian, Cape Girardeau.
B: Receptaculites oweni, the "sunflower coral," Kimmswick
     Limestone, Middle Ordovician.
C: Metacoceras sp., nautiloid cephalopod, Upper Pennsylvanian
     Winterset Limestone, Kansas City area.
D: Lithostrotionella sp., colonial coral, Mississippian
     St. Louis Limestone, St. Louis.
E, F: Pleurocystites sp., cystoids Middle Ordovician,
         Kimmswick Limestone.
G: Conularia sp., puzzling fossils of unknown affinity, possibly
      scyphozoans, Ordovician, Maquoketa Formation, Pike Co.
H: Discocystis kaskaskiensis, edrioasteriod, a Mississippian example
     of this extinct echinoderm class, Chester Group, Perry Co.
I:  Comarocystites shumardi, a paracrinoid, Middle Ordovician,
    Kimmswick Limestone, Jefferson Co.
J: Ampyxina bellutula, slab of eyeless trilobites, Upper Ordovician,
    Maquoketa Formation, Pike Co.
K: Scyphocrinites elegans, slab of large crinoids, lowermost
     Devonian, Bailey Formation, southeastern Missouri.

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By: Bruce Stinchcomb