Figure 4

Missouri Fossils

Figure 4. Plants and other Missouri fossils.

A-C: Crushing teeth, late Paleozoic (Mississippian) sharklike fishes.
A: Deltodus sp., Burlington Formation, Green Co.
B: Polyrhizadus, St. Louis Limestone, St. Louis;
C: Large specimen of Deltodus, Keokuk Formation, Troy.
D: Pelagiella sp., a small snail-like fossil, Cambrian,
     Bonneterre Formation, Irondale.
E: Climactichnites sp., trackway of a puzzling Cambrian animal,
     Gunter Sandstone, Williamsville.
F: Trilobite cephalon "head" of Plethapeltis buechleri,
     Eminence Formation, Potosi.
G: Pygidium ("tail") of Hystricurus sp., Gasconade Formation,
      Lower Ordovician, Womack.
H: Ficus sp., fig leaf, Eocene, Wilcox Group, Dexter, Crowley's Ridge.
I, J: Ammonites, Upper Cretaceous, Owl Creek Formation,
       Bell City, Crowley's Ridge.
K: Lepidodendron sp., impression of this Pennsylvanian
     scale tree in sandstone, Warrensburg-Moberly
     Sandstone, Mid-Pennsylvanian, Grand River.
L, M: Dryophyllum sp., a willowlike angiosperm, Upper Cretaceous
         shales of the Benton Hills, near Commerce.
N: Calamites sp., pith cast, Pennsylvanian,
     Warrensburg-Moberly Sandstone, St. Louis Co.
0: Hypnites arkansana, a fossil moss from the Eocene
     Wilcox Group of Crowley's Ridge near Dexter.

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