Kozlowskia borealis (Ivanov, 1935)

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Kozlowskia borealis (Ivanov, 1935)  Kozlowskia borealis (Ivanov, 1935)

Kozlowskia borealis (Ivanov, 1935)  Kozlowskia borealis (Ivanov, 1935)


This strongly curved, small brachiopod is a common species at Gzhel
(Ivanov, 1935). It is distinguished by its small size, scattered large
spines and presence of overlapping trails on or near the margin
of the dorsal (brachial) valve. The trails, which extend at right angles
to the visceral disc of the valve, are the most distinctive feature of
. They are normally broken off the fossil, but the
attachment lines for the trails show as closely spaced ridges located
near the growth margin of the visceral disc (lower two images).
also has well developed ear baffles, a marginal ridge
on the edge of the visceral disc and a thickened adductor muscle
platform, but these are seen only on internal surfaces of the dorsal valve.

Viewer comments:

Kozlowskia is a common genus in Pennsylvanian and Early Permian soft
sediment biotas and is one of several genera that adapted to this life habit.
Identification of these small, strongly curved brachiopods may be difficult
without good preservation, but the recognition of multiple trails is a good
indicator of Kozlowskia.

Tom Yancey

Ivanov, A.P., 1935, Brachiopoda of the Middle and Upper Carboniferous
of the Moscow Basin, Part 1. Productidae Gray; Transactions of the
Moscow Geological Trust, Fascicle 8, p. 113, pl. 14

Phylum Brachiopoda (brachiopods)
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